Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Medicare or private health insurance pay for all or part of long-term nursing home care?
A: NO. There are only short-term benefits available, if any at all.


Q: If a person qualifies for Medicaid, will Medicaid pay for nursing home or hospital care?
A: YES. Subject to certain requirements, Medicaid will pay for the entire cost of care. In general, recipients must pay their income to the facility. They will be allowed to retain a $160 personal needs allowance and enough to pay medical premiums.


Q: What kind of assets could Medicaid require be spent before a person is eligible?
A: Such assets as cash, savings, stocks, life insurance cash values, real property, etc. With proper planning and competent advice, applicants can still qualify for benefits.


Q: What assets can I keep and still be eligible for Medicaid Benefits?
A: Basically they are: personal residence of any value if a spouse or minor child is living there or up to a value of $713,000 if you are a single individual, one automobile, whole life insurance with total face value under $2500, term life insurances, burial plots, burial fund to $2500, irrevocable burial of any value, household furnishings, wedding rings, IRAs when a distribution is in place, savings of $2000 in cash for a single person and if married, $154,140 in cash for your spouse. Also, DCF counts income-producing property as income, not asset.


Q: Must I contribute all of my income to the nursing facility in which I reside?
A: The applicant may retain $160 of their monthly income to use for personal expenses such as haircuts and personal items. They may also retain enough income to cover their medical expenses, such as Medicare Supplement premiums, Dental premiums, hearing aid lease payments, etc.
Also, if there is a spouse living in the community, the spouse may qualify to retain a portion of the institutionalized spouses income to help them meet their shelter needs in the community.

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